Thursday, November 1, 2012

How We Choose To See.

It is not about what we see, but how we choose to see instead…

Most people look at Cullen, my Miniature Pinscher and assume that he is just another small dog. One that is spoiled with ridiculous argyle sweaters, diamond collars, and fed home baked bone shaped cookies. No one expects to see him atop of a 4k mountain, cruising down river on my kayak, or even leading the ways on one of our mountain bike trips. The truth is Cullen does all these things and much more.      

There is no escaping the fact that Cullen is a little dog. He is about 2.5 years old and only weighs 15-16lbs. He stands about 10 inches off the ground and you can pretty much cup his whole head in one hand. His legs are four fragile limbs that most Min Pins can break just from jumping off of a bed. Each time we go to purchase anything for him to wear, whether it is his life jacket, snow suit, or just his bright fleece for hunting season, we are always looking in the small section. To top it all off his breed name even has the word miniature in it. However, all this does not matter in any way.

I was recently on a short hike up Mt. Kearsarge, a smaller mountain that’s a short drive from my home. During this hike I couldn’t help but think of the friendship we have come to build. The friendship we share is pure, true, and wholesome. He is the true kind of friend who is there to share in good times and create lasting memories. Compared to those friends who just want to kill time by listening to me complain only to earn the right to return the favor. The truth is I am past being negative towards life, and Cullen and I have no time to be stagnant to hear anyone else feel sorry for themselves. He is an inspiration and is the main reason behind my ambitions. He pushes me to put more effort in and drives me to never quit. His love and allegiance to me is larger than anything I had ever known.

Cullen is well on his way to breaking the record of being the smallest dog to hike all 48 four-thousand footers of New Hampshire, and this journey is only a stepping stone to the next.

This “little dog” shows more courage than most, loves more than anyone I will ever know, and has more heart than I will ever understand. Maybe to others who do not take the time to understand him he may be just another “little dog” but to me his soul is flooding with the kind of light most can only dream of.  
                                  “Friendship is a single soul dwelling between two bodies” – Aristotle  

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