Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There's a Start to Every Journey

People often ask if Cullen needs help with our obstacles, in truth he is the one helping me overcome mine….
October 5th 2010 was the day that my mother died from an unexpected heart attack. She had been complaining of chest pains for months but the doctors kept brushing it off informing her it was nothing serious “it was all in your head” they would tell her. My mother had a tendency to stress herself out over pointless things, which made me believe more in the doctors. I never felt so stupid. That October morning when my older brother’s voice came through the phone, his voice all choked up with panic and tears, “moms dead”. Two simple words that haunt me to this day.

 I tell you this because this is the beginning and the purpose of Cullen’s Travels. My mother’s unforeseen death is what lead me to a friendship more fulfilling than I expected. The first time I realized Cullen was more than a pet was the time he showed understanding, and sympathy. I was driving home, or my new home due to the fact my mother’s house now belonged to the bank, crying and reminiscing my childhood with my future wife when Cullen hopped in my lap placed his paws on my shoulders and licked me calmly. He continued to lay in my lap the entire drive home. Not leaving my side the rest of the evening.
I started to take hikes with Cullen. Starting simple, I would hike submerging myself in the woods to get away from everyone. I was tired of their sympathy, their “understanding”, their anything. I wanted peace. So I hiked. Losing myself in the tranquility of the forest and the company of a small dog. As I continued to explore I found our adventures becoming more exciting. Together we started to discover the most beautiful things. Rivers so clean you wanted to drink from them, waterfalls so powerful it made you feel insignificant, and silence that you could get so lost in it making you feel like time was non-existent.

Currently Cullen and I are in the process of hiking all 48 four-thousand footers of New Hampshire, just one of the many challenges we hope to accomplish and share. I will use this blog to share our experiences together and show how a miniature pinscher can have such an immense heart.      

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