Sunday, June 16, 2013

Under Our Feet and Over Our Heads

Somewhat recently I had a conversation with a woman who seemed almost eager to find her way to heaven. She shared with me her thoughts about this world, and most of them lacked enthusiasm and appreciation for all the wonders this world has to present. It was as if she was finding her way through this world blind folded; her enlightenment caught in the shadow of despair. It seemed as though she believed heaven to be her safe haven from all that is wrong with the planet. It is not that I completely disagree with her, but you should understand I see the flip-side of the coin, and the opposing side has much more to offer.

The suns generous warmth and the trees cooling breeze made for a perfect contrast as we spent our day hiking Mt. Isolation.  Almost all the way up the mountain we were consumed by such beauty. The forest had almost a mythical feel to it, as if we were walking right through a fairytale. There were points where the overgrown greens displayed the step stone walking path perfectly, and with the help of the sunshine it gave parts of the trail an illuminating glow.

We spent a little amount of time relaxing by the shimmering rivers, well I relaxed and Cull Dog investigated all that he wanted. I find such enjoyment in misplacing my train of thought riverside and focusing on nothing more than the crashing rapids and Cullen’s inquisitiveness. However, our duration of time spent there wasn't much; after all we were there with direct intent.

As time continued so didn't our pursuit for the summit. After just a few hours we had made our way almost 7.5 miles to the pinnacle of Mt. Isolation. Even though Isolation is one of the shortest peaks it did not disappoint. The mountain offered panoramic views that would stop you dead in your tracks. As soon as Cull Dog found his way to the top he was off in search of anything and everything. Once again swept away by the powers of curiosity. However, as soon as I found the place I wanted to settle down to write and gaze Cull found his spot by my side.  


I found myself thinking much of this particular conversation I had with this woman. I know there are some serious issues this world is facing and has yet to face, but to fall victim to these pessimistic characteristics is to lose sight of what can change a beaten down life into a prosperous one; true happiness. As we sat together a top of Mt. Isolation I found a state of perfect equanimity staring upon the shadows from the cotton soft clouds gliding along the mountain’s side. I then realized what true happiness was. It’s not the moments where you feel the need to state how amazing the circumstances are, but when you know there is no point to saying such words; for sitting in the silence screams a million. Even now as I sit on a rocky ledge with Cullen at my feet I know moments like this are when we have shared some of our happiest times, and mostly all have been in accepting silence.

With the help of Cullen I now believe that there is too much beauty in this life to rush our way to anywhere else. Take in each moment and appreciate it for what it is; a great gift. Focus on now because that is all that matters, and have the strength and awareness to see all the magnificence surrounding you. Lose yourself in life’s great adventure and find your way to a fulfilling end.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.


  1. You have such a share your joy and experiences with us through the written word. As a senior, I live every minute looking for the next adventure. When I meet folks so wrapped in pessimism, I wonder what life has dealt them that they were unable to recover and live with hope again. But then I've also been fortunate to see our great country and experience what you and Cullen are doing now. I love keeping up with you both. Say hi to your fur dad for me, Cull Dog!

    1. How amazing. What has been some of your favorite places you been to?

  2. Found your great blog via the Dog Bloggers G+ community; lovely words and pictures :)