Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day. Everyday

Mother’s Day is a day to recognize the true beauty our mom’s present and appreciate all that they are. There is no doubt there are many characteristics our mothers have we do not agree with, however seeing past these traits and loving them immensely is what truly matters.

Mother’s Days is not about saying “thanks and I love you” because the look in your eyes and touch of your affection will describe your care for her more clearly, it’s not about buying them a gift because your time and understanding is priceless, and it’s not about taking them out because just having you and seeing your happiness fulfills their souls beyond our comprehension. Take the day to recognize your mother for all that she is.

Therefore, tomorrow we will be hiking to the top of Zealand Mountain to feel the presence of Bonnie J. Witham. A mother lost too soon. This Mother’s Day we will recognize her for the strength, perseverance, patience, discipline, and most importantly her unconditional love.

May you all have the chance to hold tight the ones who gave you this life, who showed you the true meaning of love, and who deserves to be told how special they are everyday of the year; not just one!   

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  1. Trav,Your mom is with you everyday and on every hike you take,I'm sure she is looking down gleaming with pride.You are so very special and I couldn't love you more if you were my own son.Love Mom#2