Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finding Family

Lately life has been weighing quite heavy on my mind, so I decided we would take the day off and make our way to Mt. Cabot; this being NH’s most northern four-thousand footer. The mountains provided the perfect type of isolation needed to focus on certain thoughts.

Our hike started in a field of snow with the foot prints of past hikers making a clear path to follow. The sky was almost perfectly clear except for a few soft clouds pasted to the morning atmosphere. The sun’s intense warmth was rare for the great northern part of the White Mountains this time of year, but this rarity was deeply welcomed.
(it's a long way up)

As we continued our trek, I was endlessly getting lost in my own thoughts, while at the same time, Cullen was getting lost in all the moose scat and animal markings. Throughout my life I was always distant with my family. Being the youngest raised by a single mom working third shift I never spent much time with them. However, as life progressed my mother was the glue that held our family together. Trying her best to host family dinners and get togethers, and she succeeded quite well at it. However, since her unforeseen passing my connection with the family has diminished, and the need to connect with them is hard to grasp.

I have been criticized by them continuously for my lack of communication and appearances. Yet, the fact remains I was raised in a distant way and the one person who connected me to the rest is now lost.

The elevation gain up Cabot was quite fair, and I didn’t seem to struggle much with this climb. As we reached the summit the wind started to act out, which made the cold slightly uncomfortable. The breeze blowing against my moist clothes made it feel cooler than they truly were.  We took refuge from the chilly air in the cabin at the top. We soaked in the sun’s heat though the windows as we sat and shared a snack. Sitting in the vacant cabin on top of Cabot’s lonesome summit, Cullen’s body heat kept my hands warm enough to journal; I came to accept my place in the family.

We took our time leaving Mt. Cabot. We played like mad on top of that mountain. The joy I get from watching him benefit from the simplest aspects in this life is inexpressible. His outlook on life is something we should all adopt. There is truthfully nothing more beautiful than to live a life where something as simple as spending a day on a mountain’s top fills you with tremendous amounts of joy. I believe if we all took the time to slow down, and escape from this frantic civilization we could learn to appreciate such simple characteristics of the world.

Just a few moments before ending our trip we rested by a few small waterfalls. The company of Cullen and the alluring sounds of water crashing sent me into a deep thought, a thought that only helped me with coming to peace with everything. Family isn’t always the ones whose heart pumps the same blood. What makes our lives full is not the heart within, but the love and loyalty of our closest friends; for they are the ones who keep the heart beating. They are family.

Out of nowhere my train of thought was broken by the full attack of Cullen. His excitement got the best of him, and he attacked me at full force with kisses. As I grabbed him and held him close I couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably. We made our mark on Cabot’s hillside that afternoon, but not one that is visible to the naked eye, or even explainable; for as long I live I will bear in mind that moment.  

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