Saturday, March 23, 2013

His loyalty, his love, and his strength of mind...

What a special Friday spent backcountry boarding. Yesterday delivered us the kind of excitement you can only get when you break through walls you thought were unbreakable. Never underestimate the power of friendship and the obstacles that can be tackled when you have the support of your closest companion (no matter how big, small, human, or animal).

There are only a few slopes Waterville Valley closes to the people who pay for their tickets, and leave untouched and un-groomed for those who decided to hike up, which was only us that day! This isn’t exactly acceptable for the ski resort, but Cullen and I have a hard time following rules sometimes. We spent a while on this slope before eating some lunch, where we took the time to gaze at the attractive outlook before us. This spot presented a direct look at the Tripyramids, Mt. Osceola, and Mt. Kancamagus. It was in that moment where I realized something I hadn’t yet come to understand.

I have always appreciated these mountains, not just for their beauty, but for their spirit. I believe that these mountains are just as alive as we are, or in some cases, more alive. They pose a wisdom that exceeds our awareness. Their greatness and splendor span out much further than the clearest view from the highest summit. However, what I came to recognize this day was that a 16lb Min Pin, whose size and breed should be easily over showed by these dignified mountains, grew to be larger and nobler than them all. Obviously he is not physically bigger, but the spirit he poses is too large for me to grasp. His loyalty, his love, and his strength of mind continue to grow with each day.
However, watching him yesterday running up and down these mountain sides I saw the kind of spirit that I could only dream of possessing. I will forever live in these moments where the smile of his face expresses more happiness than any materialistic gift could bring and the look in his eyes shines brighter than the sun its self. To boast such radiance is something we should all strive for, because even during the darkest days our world will be full of such clarity.

He has shown me that this life is not meant to be perfect, but perfection is meant to be strived for. He has shown me that love, loyalty, willpower, and character can always continue to grow. All we have to do is live…. truly live.

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